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White Dove & Rose by Foster Tire Cover [jr]
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This special category contains original hand-painted, air-brushed, and silk-screened covers by recognized, professional artists.  They are truly One-of-a-Kind, since they are individual and unique - no two can ever be identical.  The artist is solely responsible for the concept, design and content, which has been done by the artist independently.  This particular work is hand-signed by the artist.

White Dove & Rose by Foster Spare Tire Cover:

Seeing a white Dove is considered a sign of peace.

This painting is approximately 26" across, on our heavy-duty, black tire-cover vinyl - the artist's "canvas", so to speak.  When finished to fit larger tires, this vinyl gives the impression of an attractive circular "frame" around the composition.

"Foster" studied in Dallas, Texas, and exhibited there in an exclusively-run Gallery.  The artist has also displayed at countless public exhibitions, and currently resides in central Florida.
 - Custom printed with 5-year outdoor ink on heavy-weight vinyl. The side band is  attached to the face with piping.  The tire cover is held on by a strong shock chord for mounting. Available on black vinyl only.


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