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In Stock 3 days

Topic: Girls Tire Covers

Delivery Time: 3 Business Days

Condition: New Purple Butterfly Tire Cover

Will Last: 3-5 years

A Custom Grafix Custom Design: Automotive Heavy Weight Vinyl

Tire Cover Warranty: by

Made in:: USA

Products Description

Purple Butterfly Spare Tire Cover

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To Order a Purple Butterfly Print Spare Tire Cover

This Spare Tire Cover was printed on a heavy-weight Automotive, Marine 32 once Expandable vinyl. Bold, full color print of a Purple Butterfly Print image on back of tire cover. Purple Butterfly Print Spare tire cover is hand made in the United States. All of our spare tire covers are made to order. The tire cover is held on by a strong shock cord sewn into the back edge. Available in black only. Each tire cover is made to the exact size of your spare tire size provided while ordering.

Tire-Covers Advantages

Select 26"-37" Tire Covers.
  Popular with all Jeep, 4X4, RV, Camper, Motor Home and Trailer Owners.
  Includes Installation and Care Guide.
  Materal will Stretch to Fit and will Not Cold Crack.
  Recommended by Automotive Dealerships Worldwide.
  Average Life Cycle of our Tire Cover is 3 to 5 years.
    In Stock, Normally ships in two days.
      Anti-Theft Grommets and Security Cable Available.
        Two Year Warranty on Materials and Workmanship.
           Easy Returns, or Exchanges.
             Includes Protective Tire Cover Liner for Easy Installation.
               Refunds allowed for any reason.


CustomGrafixTireCovers™ has over 10,700 Tire Covers SOLD since 2001

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image of purple butterfly on a finger

Purple Butterfly, Chinese director Lou Ye's story of cross-cultural love and fate set during the 1930's Japanese occupation of China, will be screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival's 8th annual "Spring Fling." The film festival, opening April 1, 2005, is self-described as a showcase of the latest and greatest independent cinema from Asia, the Pacific and beyond.

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Presented at the festival a second year in a row and sponsored by the USS Missouri Memorial Association as part of the festival's Lessons of War series, Purple Butterfly stars Zhang Ziyi as a Chinese woman whose love for a Japanese man is put

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to the ultimate test.


It's 1928, Manchuria, China. Itami, a young Japanese man, falls deeply in love with Cynthia, a beautiful Chinese girl. Their brief romance ends when he is called home for military service. Returning sorrowfully from the train station where she bids her lover farewell, Cynthia witnesses her brother's bloody murder at the hands of Japanese right-wing extremists. Three years later, the city of Shanghai is occupied by Japan. The city is tense and rife with violence. Cynthia, now known as Ding Hui, is working for Purple Butterfly, a resistance group planning to assassinate Yamamoto, head of the Japanese secret service. By this time, Itami is also in Shanghai, operating as a secret agent reporting directly to Yamamoto. Arriving at Shanghai station to meet his fiance, Szeto, a young Chinese man, is mistaken by the assembled resistance fighters for Yamamoto, the assassin they plan to eliminate. Only Ding Hui realises the truth... Thus three destinies are linked by chance, and three fates are set in tragic motion.

image of purple butterfly tire cover on a jeep

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