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SALE on Beach Tire Covers  10% OFF  Use promo code 8f39ee in check out. Happy Shopping----------------------------SALE on Beach Tire Covers 10% OFF Use promo code 8f39ee in check out. Happy Shopping

Article aurther Stephen C Foster ~ Mr. Tire Cover Picture of Mr tire Cover

Make sure your tire covers shopping experience is a pleasant one by following our ordering instructions below:

1. Read the sizing information carefully.

2. Do not guess your spare tire size. Go look at the actual spare tire for size.

3. Once you have your spare tire size, go to our Spare Tire Sizes and select your ID #.

4. Write down the accurate ID # of your spare that coordinates with our own sizing table.

5. Make certain you select the correct tire cover design you desire.

6. Input accurate delivery information for your tire cover to ship without issue.

7. Remit proper payment amount.

8. If you receive an email or phone message from Customer Grafix after placing your order be sure to respond in a timely fashion.

9. Contact us if you have any questions about ordering. Again, don't guess. Asking is easy.


Thank you for shopping with us and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

All Tire Covers are proudly Made in USA.

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