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Custom Grafix announces CustomGrafixTireCover™ Retail Brand.


Largo, Florida (October 10, 2012) Custom Grafix which operates at has announced that they will be re-launching several of their former lines under a new trademark, which are intended for the retail market..


These lines will be under the new trademark title CustomGrafixTireCovers™. 

They will now be offering these to other sites as a drop shipper as well as to retailers that carry auto aftermarket products.


They will be listed under the top five categories on our web store and will be bar-coded and packaged for retail.



The retail brand will carry the following branding:







About Custom Grafix

Custom Grafix is a line of custom made tire covers and specializes in quality in both artistic representation as

well as a durability in their works.



They have built a reputation of Quality, Integrity, and Affordability - thereby offering Value that cannot be found anywhere else.  As a result, many of their customers have been with them through the years.  They specialize in making Tire Covers for all needs - both Retail and Wholesale.  Their factory is located in Largo, Florida, on Florida’s beautiful West Coast.


For more information contact:

Stephen C Foster Sr.


Custom Grafix Industries Inc.














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