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How to Measure a Tire for a Tire Cover

Measure the Diameter first. Measure your tire across the face from one side to the other at the point where the face of the tire brakes on to the tread. Move your tape up and down till you have achieved the greatest distance. This will be the Diameter of the tire.

Measure Across the Tread second. Stand on the side of the tire and measure the width of the tread section of the tire. This will give you the tread with of the tire.

You can also measure the Circumference of the tire Third. To do this stand in front of the face of the tire and hold the beginning of the tape measure on the top of the tire, the pulling it all the way around the edge of the tread surface till it meats up with the starting place of the tape. That length is equal to the circumference of the tire.

These are the measurements used in picking out your proper size for a cover. There are many tire cover charts available on line and on most package backs in retail stores to help you with your choice. A link to Tire-Covers Size chart is here

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