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SALE on All Tire Covers  20% OFF  Use promo code 8f39ee in check out. Happy Shopping----------------------------SALE on All Tire Covers 20% OFF Use promo code 8f39ee in check out. Happy Shopping

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Have a Sports Team or other style logo tire cover that does not fit your current spare tire? 

We can make a 26" into a 35" or a 35" into a 26". Any size into any other size.

Can not find the tire cover for your team in your size? Buy anywhere, send to us for a resize.

Place order here now for our one price for any resize. Then send to us at Custom Grafix

12565 66th St  Largo, FL 33773 Include your name, order number, the day you purchased the resize order 

from us and a check for $14.00 to cover the return shipping to you. Include the tire # such as

P255/75R17  that you want your cover to fit. All of our resizing work is done in Black Vinyl only.

Average turnaround once received is 3 days. 

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