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SALE on Beach Tire Covers  10% OFF  Use promo code 8f39ee in check out. Happy Shopping----------------------------SALE on Beach Tire Covers 10% OFF Use promo code 8f39ee in check out. Happy Shopping

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off road tire covers

      Our mission at Jeep Club Tire Covers is to provide full service assistance to local Jeep Clubs and their members by providing a directory of clubs to connect Jeep fans and clubs alike and to assist those new to an area find like minded individuals. Jeep Club Tire Covers provides custom products and services including Logo Design, Tee Shirts, Decals, Banners, Fliers and more!

About us:

Adding your Jeep Club name to an existing image is fast and simple way to help you get your club started or help existing clubs promote their club. With a few easy steps every member of your club will have one place for all of their products.

Jeep Club Tire Covers provides the perfect outlet for any Jeep Club to give it's club member total and easy access to your Jeep Club's products. We will be offering custom full color T-Shirts, vinyl decals, full color banners and more!
We manufacture everything in the U.S. and provide full drop-shipping and order fulfilment processes. This allows your Jeep Club to have one simple and easy way to promote it's brand world wide!
We offer a growing list of products from spare tire covers to Tee shirts, decals and more. 
Spare Tire Covers: 
All tire cover covers are made to be an Exact Fit design as all covers are printed and assembled to the exact dimension provided when placing an order.
All covers are printed on marine grade vinyl and come with a FREE 2 year warranty!
Tee Shirts: 
Custom matching Jeep Club Tee Shirts, long sleeve Tee Shirts and Hoodies available in sizes adult Small-4XL. 
Jeep Life, Jeep Wave, Windshield Decals and Custom Club Decals available.
Suggested Sites to visit.
 Jeep off road sites we like.      

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