How to Clean and Protect a Tire Cover

How to Clean and Protect a Tire Cover

February 22, 2019

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What You Need to Know about Upholstery grade vinyl

Author Stephen C Foster Sr. Mr. Tire Cover

Vinyl is a plastic made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Vinyl is manufactured in different ways in different forms and in varying qualities for thousands of uses. Upholstery vinyl’s topcoat holds in plasticizers, softening agents which keep it supple. Under that there is a thin layer of foam then a backing cloth usually made of a combo of poly and cotton. The vinyl is a UV- sensitive material which degrades when exposed to sunlight. The auto and marine grade product usually has UV protective agents in the top coat when made. The problem is when it is a finished product and installed on a SUV and parked outdoors over time the vinyl will start to break down.

What You Need to Know about CLEANING Upholstery grade vinyl

Vinyl is extremely susceptible to sun-provoked deterioration and UV damage. Evidence of this is dry, brittle, fading, cracking and peeling surfaces. Protecting these surfaces is a must, if you wish them to keep their new look. Whenever you wash your SUV you also need to clean your tire cover and apply a protective dressing onto its surface. Do NOT use a pressure washer on your cover. Don’t even think about it. Clean simple with water and a mild soap, use a sponge or a soft mitt. Rinse well surface and sew lines. Allow to dry before applying any protecting agent. Keeping your vinyl tire cover clean is an important part of routine maintenance. Dirt acts as an abrasive and can also wear out the thread in the seams. Mildew grows on damp and dirty surfaces.

What You Need to Know about Protective Agents made for Upholstery grade vinyl

Well there are a lot of good protectants out there. I guess my favorite is ArmorAll®. I always keep it handy. Follow instructions and use a soft lint free towel as in Scott® shop towels to apply. Other good products that I have used are BlueMagic® and RaggTopp®

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