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Tire Covers

Custom Grafix has a long history in Tire Covers. We first start out doing OEM refurbished used tire covers in the early 70's.

Then we joined a Jeep Club and started making covers for Jeeps, RV, SUV's, 4x4, trailers, camper and affordable motor home covers. We refurbished covers for Wranglers, Jeep Liberties, Blazers, Bronco, Hummer, Honda and CRV's to help out New and Used car auto dealers. Then we created one of the First tire size guides using the diameter and the tire ID Number. In the year 2000 we created and began the Retail Sales with secure ordering, we added credit card and pay pal. We were selling fun cheap tire covers like the Tweety, Taz, Harley Davidson, happy face, peace sign, sun lover and ying yang. Later we upgraded our products and created the Anti-Theft grommets, as well as expanding our product line. The cover aftermarket needed something more so we included denim, hard covers, continental kits, artist, airbrush, hand painted and digital beautiful specialty covers at the best price! All of our "custom" work is done in house. Custom Grafix *Brand Name* tire covers are machine-printed with a 6-year outdoor ink on a heavy duty vinyl, then professionally finished with a strong shock chord elastic in the side band.

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